I draw inspiration from the line found in a Tolkien poem: Not all those who wander are lost. While still searching for that thing that drives me with great passion, I take photographs and blog here at flourish - all the while, coming to a greater understanding and aim of living in the knowledge that the thing I have been searching for has been inside me all along. 

While vivacious and full of spirit, I strongly feel the aches and wounds of many and I am navigating the waters of caring without carrying too much. As such, my love runs deep and I truly want to see everyone I encounter arrive at a place of understanding their true value and worth.  I truly believe this affects the way I see and translates into beautiful, meaningful photographs.

I love : the ocean, but especially the blues kissing at the horizon where the sky meets the sea.  old love that has stood the test of time.  the smell of a newborn.  summer nights with friends and fireflies.  lady juneau.  good food and even better company.  naps.  and my main man, jct.